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controlled-life bags

describe the imageTime scale depends on climate and other factors, and our bags will not necessarily be gone within one year. Not for composting or anaerobic digestion. Will work in landfill (take up to 36 months) if oxygen is present. Please dispose of them responsibly. 

recycled content

20% pre-consumer recycled content

Because we care about our planet, we do not intend to increase the percentage of recycled content in our bags because then we must purchase more recycled content from a distant source. Also, the thickness of the bag will often have to be increased to achieve equivalent properties if we increase the percentage of recycled content. 



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Green N Pack® is created and owned by a group of housewives that enjoy teaching their neighbors how to live a little greener. Therefore, they create the real affordable and eco-conscious choice - Green N Pack® controlled-life recycled plastic bags. These bags are designed to become bio-assimilated after their pre-determined safe service life, unlike the traditional biodegradable choices that will release methane when they degrade.

There is one role these housewives enjoy above all others: eco mama. "Being an eco mama of beautiful eco kids." and "We deeply believe in our passion to launch a successful brand that offers some of the most thoughtfully designed, innovative yet affordable eco-friendly bags."

We live at an important and critical time in Earth’s history. As the planet becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, it is our responsibility to come to the Earth’s defense. Our world hosts a magnificent diversity of cultures and lifestyles, but we are all one human family, one worldwide community with a common destiny. We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature and love on this planet we all call home.



CALIFORNIA DISCLAIMER:  The State of California utilizes a specific American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standard when referring to the term biodegradability. Green N Pack® controlled-life recycled plastic bags are purposely not designed to meet this particular definition California has chosen to utilize. Instead, Green N Pack® controlled-life recycled plastic bags are designed to conform to ASTM D6954-04 for Oxo-Biodegradation.  

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