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We all deserve to live our lives free of the harmful impacts of toxic chemicals. Whether you are using plastic or not, you must aware and be able to understand what is happening around us about plastic - Consciousness in PlasticTM.

Plastic Recycling Is Confusing
‘BPA-Free’ May Be Meaningless
Biodegradable? Compostable?
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Plastic bags aren’t biodegradable, and less than one percent of plastic bags are recycled. Even when they are, it costs more (time, money,energy) than producing a new one. “There's harsh economics behind bag recycling: It costs $4,000 to process and recycle one ton of plastic bags, which can then be sold on the commodities market for $32”. more and more cities are shutting down their plastic recycling programs because they are not cost effective. Recycling can alleviate plastic pollution problems, but the confusion over what we can and cannot recycle continues to confound consumers. Plastics are especially troublesome, as different types require different processing to be reformulated and re-used as raw material. 


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#1 Consciousness in PlasticTM

Why 20%? (Why Not More?)

With Green N Packc® bags, they are made from 20% pre-consumer recycled content out of manufacuring scrap (such as trimmings from polymer film production). Following the standard production process, we do not have more than 20% of the manufacturing scrap. We do not intend to increase the percentage of recycled content in our bags because then we must purchase more recycled content from a distant source. In addition, the thickness of the bag will often have to be increased (or uknow chemicals must be used to change plastic) to achieve equivalent properties if we increase the percentage of recycled content. There, we manufacture green n pack bags with only 20% recycled content and no more - #1 Consciousness in PlasticTM 
Pre-consumer content is clean and unused by consumers. Actually, pre-consumer content is the reintroduction of manufacturing scrap (such as trimmings from polymer film production, defective bags that didn't pass the final QC, etc.) back into the manufacturing process. Pre-consumer waste is often not considered recycling in the traditional sense. However, we think it's still a good practice to collect the manufacturing scrap of our controlled-life bags and convert them into our bags, so they won't be wasted. 


the chemicals used to replace BPA may have nearly the exact impact on the human body — hormone disruption — as BPA, according to a new study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.Know that BPA-free products can still have unhealthy chemicals.This is the most important thing to know and it’s pretty straightforward: a BPA-free label doesn’t mean a product is free from other harmful chemical compounds that are slightly different but have a different name. Indeed, the BPA-Free Package program, a third-party group that verifies that products don’t have BPA, is halting operations because the certification creates a “false halo of health” given growing evidence of the dangers of BPS and BPF. Still, because products with BPS and BPF behave similarly to products with BPA, you can follow the same rules to avoid the associated hazards that you would use for BPA.


#2 Consciousness in PlasticTM

Everything about our bags is completely safe(safer)

- no BPA, PVC, or Phthalates.

  • With Green N Pack® bags,they are made from
#2 – HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and #4 – LDPE (low-density polyethylene) both are considered to be low-toxin plastic and it is used in flexible packaging (bags) 
  • With Green N Pack® bags,they are BPA free
Our bags are extensively evaluated for toxicity and safety and comply with applicable quality and safety regulations. 
  • With Green N Pack® bags,they are Dioxin Free
Dioxins form when chlorine is combined with extremely high temperatures (such as 1,500 degrees F). Green N Pack® bags are not made by any PVC that contains numerous toxic chemicals including lead and DEHP, a type of phthalate used as a plastics softener.


In typical parlance, the word biodegradable is distinct in meaning from compostable. While biodegradable simply means an object is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms, "compostable" in the plastic industry is defined as able to decompose in aerobic environments that are maintained under specific controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Compostable means capable of undergoing biological decomposition in a compost site such that the material is not visually distinguishable and breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass at a rate consistent with known compostable materials. (ref: ASTM International D 6002)

#3 Consciousness in PlasticTM

We market our products as controlled-life bags: Made from intelligent plastic technology

  • With Green N Pack® bags,they are neither compostable or biodegradable in general understanding
Our green-colored bags contain an oxo-degradable additive, which help our bags break down unlike reqular plastic bags that last for hundreds years. However, due to the updated U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations, as applied to our industry, these bags cannot meet the regulatory definition of "biodegradable" as they cannot be proven to break down within a regulated time frame in every type of landfill or compost environment.
  • With Green N Pack® bags
  • make "non-biodegradable/non-compostable bags" safer for the environment 
With extensive laboratory testing and proper, quality-controlled manufacturing methods, Green N Pack® bags are made from high and low-density polyethylene foil with 20% pre-consumer recycled content* and 80% virgin resin extruded with 1% manganese-based additive, which makes the polyethylene foil fully comply with ASTM D6954-04 (‘Standard Guide for Exposing and Testing Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a Combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation’). WE are still in need of using plastic bags and here Green N Pack® bags is a better alternative over regula bags.  
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