How does FreshOTG work?

A FreshOTG vacuum gadget relies on three factors that affect the performance of the valve and how the FreshOTG can be maximized!


  • Apply vacuum on the appropriate bags. Does the air gradually leak out from the bag film surface? 

  • Make sure you seal the bag properly. Does the air slip through?

  • Make sure you make the port hole (pump-up) point in the correct position of the bag.


 Useful Tips that will make your FreshOTG experience better! 


Many factors can prevent the vacuum seal from engaging properly like wrinkles and seams on bags that allow air to slip through. When done properly, the bags can stay sealed for a very long time!

What are FreshOTG sous-vide bags made from? Are they safe?

FreshOTG sous-vide (zipper) pouches are made of laminated poly-nylon, featuring a rugged multi-layer construction that provides excellent barrier properties for both oxygen and moisture vapor transmission. This helps extend the shelf life for a variety of food products. All pouches meet FDA and USDA requirements for food contact safety. These pouches are used in the vacuum packaging of meat, fish, poultry, cheese and other perishable food items, as well as sous-vide cooking (a specialized cooking technique that involves cooking food contained in a vacuum pouch).

What are FreshOTG valves made from and are they safe to use?

A FreshOTG portable vacuum set includes the upper and lower parts of the valve that work together. They need to be attached to the bags to create a vacuum point for the easy manual pump to pump out air using your hands, unlike machines that take up a lot of counter space. The upper part is made from food grade silicone, and the lower part contains a small sharp point (made from food grade polypropylene) that is designed to break the bag and create a vacuum point.


The FreshOTG valve is made from food grade silicone, a synthetic polymer created by adding carbon and/or oxygen to silicone. It can exist as a solid, liquid or gel and is often used in medical devices like pacemakers, joint replacements and implants. It is generally considered safe for these uses. It is also often used to make silicone bakeware. Silicone is also dishwasher safe, petroleum free and should not fade or scratch. FreshOTG valves are 100% safe to use at low temperatures and in the refrigerator or freezer, but they are not designed for baking or high temperature use.


Why is there an immediate air slip through when I keep trying to pump out air?

  • Please check if there is a wrinkle or seams on the bag especially around the valve(port hole), because air might slip through between wrinkles and seams on the bag. Please ensure the bag is smoothed out, apply the valve, and pump it again.

  • Please check if the bag has been sealed closed. Make sure the FreshOTG clip seals the bag closed. The width of the bag should not exceed 19.5 cm (the width of the clip), otherwise, the air might slip through. Make sure that the clip clamps the bag firmly and is closed. If you are using FreshOTG sous-vide zipper bags, double check if the zipper slide has been sealed closed.

Why can’t the air be pumped out from some areas of the bag, even when I keep trying?

Check to see if some areas of the bag—the upper and lower film of the bag—are sticking together (appears as a partial vacuum) and prevent the air from other parts of the bags from being pumped out. For most efficiency, move contents of the bag closer to the valve as the pump works best to suck up the air closest to the port hole. When you find an area of the bag that can’t be pumped out, move the food (the object) close to the valve (the port hole) and pump again. 

Can the FreshOTG vacuum gadget be used on all types of bags?

The FreshOTG vacuum gadget can be used on most bags, but the material, thickness and density of the bags may influence the vacuum time and prolong the preservation period. If you are looking for long-term storage and preservation, we strongly recommend that you use vacuum bags (FreshOTG sous-vide bags) to keep the food better in a vacuumed condition. If you only intend to do sous-vide cooking, or quick-marinating food ingredients within a couple of hours, you may use freezer or sandwich bags (food storage bags).

Is the FreshOTG reusable?

Yes! FreshOTG vacuum set (the valves, the easy-pump, and the clips) can be washed and used repeatedly. After each use, just clean and dry the valves so you can re-use them again and again, up to 100 times, as proven from experiments that we have done with these valves under many different vacuum conditions.

Can FreshOTG vacuum gadgets work with vacuum/sous-vide bags from other brands?

FreshOTG vacuum gadgets work with most of the vacuum/sous-vide bags on the market, including regular freezer bags. A FreshOTG vacuum set comes with the valve gadgets that when applied, will create a vacuum point from any bag. Once the vacuum point is successfully made, just use our easy pump, and you can easily pump out the air manually without even consuming any electricity—that means energy savings! When you apply the vacuum by reusing the very bag that the food came in, you are saving bags and at the same time you are saving money too because you don’t need to buy specialty vacuum purpose bags—so it’s even more eco-friendly!  



Can FreshOTG sous-vide bags work with other vacuum machines?

FreshOTG sous-vide bags are specially designed to work with FreshOTG portable vacuum gadgets. These sous-vide bags come with the ready-to-insert valve point. Once the vacuum point is ready, just use our easy pump tool to manually pump-out the air. No electricity is required. Here are the benefits of using FreshOTG sous-vide bags:


  • No sealing machine is required to seal the bag closed

  • High quality FDA/food grade material

  • Designed for low temperature precision cooking

  • Excellent barrier properties for both oxygen and moisture vapor transmission

  • Assorted sizes for multi-use and applications




What is the FreshOTG clip used for? Aren’t zipper pouches easier to use because they come with a zipper closure already?

FreshOTG clips are designed to seal the bags that the food comes in, so the bags can be reused and thus won’t be wasted—they might be appropriate for keeping food or even vacuum storage. These clips are designed in an air-tight clamp closure shape, so even without applying a vacuum, the bagged items using the FreshOTG clip will still be air-tight and odor-proof, which is perfect for fragile foods such as crackers and chips.     

Why FreshOTG portable vacuum gadget is an ecologic technology?

  • Reuse the bags that the food comes in to reduce waste.

  • Save your precious counter space. Once you’re done, simply put them back in your kitchen drawer and use them again next time.

  • No need for expensive machines. Plus, you won’t need to break the bank by buying specialty bags!

  • Whether it’s fruits, meat or seafood, you can now keep them fresh for a longer time!

  • Preserve natural flavors. Keep natural flavors in. If marinating, it will infuse and further their tastiness!

  • Makes the marinating process faster.

  • Helps organize and prepare meals for the week.

  • Store your frozen meats or seafood in the freezer to keep them fresh longer and prevent freezer burn!

  • Simply wash them (dishwasher safe) after you’re done and reuse them as many times as you want.

  • Microwave safe for defrosting

  • Ultra-portable and on-the-go!

Can FreshOTG clips and the bag go together for sous-vide cooking ?

FreshOTG clips are made from food grade polypropylene with the temperature resistance range from 4 to 158° (F). The length of the clip arm (24.5 cm) can adapt to a broad range of bag widths. We don’t recommend cooking FreshOTG clips in water if the temperature of the water might go over 158° (F).

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Now you can vacuum seal food while you're out and about, using the very bags that the food comes in. This helps you waste less food and achieve a more sustainable footprint.

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