For maximum efficiency, move contents of the bag closer to the valve as the easy-pump works best to suck up the air closest to the port hole

   Tip 1   

Tip 4

The width of the bag should be under 19.5 cm (the width of the clip). For bag width larger than the provided clip, cut the bag at an angle to create a smaller opening instead.

Tip 5

For best vacuum seal result, apply the valve on the appropriate bags. If the air gradually slip through from the bag surface, maybe that bag is not suitable for vacuum purpose. 

Tip 2

Avoid wrinkles and ensure the bag is smoothed out to ensure bag is completely vacuumed

Tip 3

The FreshOTG clip has a small space where the two bars won't clamp shut sometimes. Double check if this is the case and move the bag a bit to ensure air doesn't escape.

Tip 6

At temperatures below 185 °F / 85 °C, you may use freezer zipper bags as sous-vide bags. At temperatures above 185 °F / 85 °C, the seams of freezer bags can fail, exposing your food to the water in the bath; therefore, sous-vide zipper pouches are recommended.
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