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Vacuum FreshOTG is an ultra-portable vacuum gadget that brings the benefits of vacuum sealing to the masses. It's portable, easy to use, convenient, eco-friendly and can re-use most pre-packaged food bags and also our sous-vide zipper bags which are designed specifically for FreshOTG portable vacuum gadgets. This Starter Kit comes with On-The-Go basic vacuum gadget set and sous-vide FreshOTG bags (small size, 30-Count) to start with - keep enjoying all benefits of FreshOTG (on-the-go freshness)

    What You Get In This Complete Wonder Set (6 products): 


    Product List Description

    1st Product

    Vacuum FreshOTG starter box (4 vacuum valves, 4 clips, one easy pump, user manual)
    4 x valves 4 x clips 1 x pump 1 x user manual
    2nd Product Sous-vide FreshOTG Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouches, Small Size (1/4 gallon capacity), 30-Count

    • FresthOTG Valves are made from food grade platinum silicone with the temperature resistance range from 4~212 Fahrenheit (°F). Also dishwasher safe. 
    • FresthOTG clips are made from food grade polypropelene with the temperature resistance range from 4~158 Fahrenheit (°F). The length of the clip arm( 24.5cm) can adapt to a broad range of bag width. 
    • FresthOTG easy pump is also made from food grade polypropelene with the temperature resistance range from 4~212 Fahrenheit (°F). Also dishwasher safe.
    • Sous-vide FreshOTG assorted sizes of bags
    1. Small Size (1/4 gallon capacity), 30-Count, with a write-on label (READ MORE
    2. Regular Size (1 gallon capacity), 25-Count, with a write-on label (READ MORE)
    3. Large Size  (1 1/4 gallon capacity), 20-Count, with a write-on label (READ MORE)

    • Portable, easy to use, convenient, eco-friendly 

    • Prevent food from freezer burn and keep food fresh up to 5 times longer

    • Re-use most pre-packaged food bags that the food comes in

    • Works perfect for sous-vide cooking preparation

    • Reduce food waste and save the leftovers

    • Perfect to organize food ingredient (organic) into small ready to cook portions

    • Save your precious counter space - no longer to keep the expensive vacuum sealing machine

    • All parts are reusable and so easy to use

    • FreshOTG (On-the-Go) offers a complete portable smart vacuum solution:   FreshOTG valves, FreshOTG sous-vide bags (come with zipper closure), FreshOTG clips, and FreshOTG refill parts. 



    Part Material Temperature Resistance Range Instructions
    VALVE  Solicon (100% food grade platinum silicone), Nylon
    Heat Resistance: 212(°F)
    Cold Resistance: -4(°F)
    Dishwasher OK
    Refrigerator OK
    Sous-vide OK


    CLIP Polyethylene (#2)
    Heat Resistance: 158(°F)
    Cold Resistance: -4(°F)
    Dishwasher NO
    Refrigerator OK
    Sous-vide OK
    PUMP Polypropylene (#5)
    Heat Resistance: 212(°F)
    Cold Resistance: -4(°F)
    Dishwasher OK
    Refrigerator OK
    Sous-vide NO


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