FreshOTG Complete Wonder Set (6 Products)

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Vacuum FreshOTG is an ultra-portable vacuum gadget that brings the benefits of vacuum sealing to the masses. It's portable, easy to use, convenient, eco-friendly and can re-use most pre-packaged food bags as well as our sous-vide zipper bags which are designed specifically for FreshOTG portable vacuum gadgets. This complete wonder set comes with everything that you'll need to keep enjoying all the benefits of FreshOTG (on-the-go freshness).
1+ Bundle Choices

    What You Get In This Complete Wonder Set (6 products): 


    Product List Description

    1st Product

    Vacuum FreshOTG starter box (4 vacuum valves, 4 clips, one easy pump, user manual)
    2nd Product Sous-vide FreshOTG Vacuum Seal Cooking Pouches, Small Size (1/4 gallon capacity), 30-Count
    3rd Product Sous-vide FreshOTG Zip Cooking Pouches, Regular Size (1 gallon capacity), 25-Count
    4th Product Sous-vide FreshOTG Zip Cooking Pouches, Large Size (1 1/4 gallon capacity), 20-Count
    5th Product Vacuum FreshOTG valve refill (8 x valves)
    6th Product Clip FreshOTG clip refill (8 x clips)


    With this Complete Wonder Set, you're all set to start sous-vide cooking in any pot or tank you have.! Enjoy! Useful Tips that will make your FreshOTG experience better!


    • FreshOTG valves are made from food grade platinum silicone with a temperature resistance range from 4–212°F. They are also dishwasher safe. 
    • FreshOTG clips are made from food grade polypropylene with a temperature resistance range from 4–158°F. The length of the clip arm (24.5cm) can adapt to a broad range of bag widths. 
    • FreshOTG easy pump is also made from food grade polypropylene with a temperature resistance range from 4–212°F. It is also dishwasher safe.
    • Sous-vide FreshOTG comes in assorted bag sizes:
    • Small size (1/4 gallon capacity), 30-count, with a write-on label.
    • Regular size (1 gallon capacity), 25-count, with a write-on label.
    • Large size (1 1/4 gallon capacity), 20-count, with a write-on label.

    ·       Portable, easy to use, convenient, eco-friendly. 

    ·       Prevent food from freezer burn and keep food fresh up to five times longer.

    ·       Re-use most pre-packaged food bags that the food comes in.

    ·       Works perfect for sous-vide cooking preparation.

    ·       Reduce food waste and save the leftovers.

    ·       Perfect to organize food ingredients (organic) into small ready-to-cook portions.

    ·       Save your precious counter space—no need to keep the expensive vacuum sealing machine.

    ·       All parts are reusable and so easy to use.

    ·       FreshOTG (on-the-go) offers a complete portable smart vacuum solution: FreshOTG valves, FreshOTG sous-vide bags (with zipper closure), FreshOTG clips, and FreshOTG refill parts. 


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