September 26, 2015


It may sounds crazy to design bags that fit all sizes of poop because no one designs toilet paper that fits all size of stool. However, we think it's worthwhile to do so, because we can handle our own poop (human poop) naturally without worrying about how to dispose of it—we simply let the toilet flush it and clean up for us; but when it comes to picking up pet poop, things get much more complicated, because we cannot predict when it will happen and or how much of it there will be. With human poop, we don't need to think about touching and grabbing it with the extremely thin paper or plastic film (except for baby poop: we will introduce you to our baby bag collection later). Anyway, we design bags that will work for any size of pet poop. 


The history of our designing process took a year and six months, because our team members own only six dogs—an Afghan Hound, a Beagle, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a Dalmatian, a Great Dane, and a Pomeranian—and obviously the sample size can’t fulfill our objective to measure poop sizes and so create bags that can fit all sizes of poop. Therefore, we had to visit the nearby pet grooming shops and work with them for two months to help them keep a record of pet poop sizes and what thickness of plastic film makes us feel more comfortable and is easier when handling these poops. We know the process may do nothing to help sales, and some consumers may think that as long as the size works, it doesn’t necessarily have to work perfectly. Well, the goal of our team is to create bags that fit all sizes of poop and we don't want to disappoint our customers if they cannot find the perfect poop pick up bags from our pet waste bag collection. Finally, we got it to that point where we figured there were four consolidated sizes of pet poop: small, medium, large and extra giant. Here's what we arrived at as a result. 


With extra giant breeds, we make the bags heavy duty (thickness defined and concluded by a blind test including 100 pet grooming store customers). Bags come with a handle or drawstring closure—the first drawstring pet waste bags in the world. 


With large breeds of dog, we make the bags larger and with just enough thickness. We are a green company, so we don't want to create the extra thickness that means extra waste in the environment. 


With medium to small size dog breeds, well ... the customers who worked with us on this project don't think it's a good idea to create bags "small enough" for small dogs because the bags will be used by pet owners with their hands. That's why the hand/palm size comes into play: all our bags must fit a standard man’s palm size. 


It took us a year and six months to complete our pet waste bag selection.


We design bags that fit all sizes of poop, and we help you get the job done.

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September 27, 2015

September 27, 2015

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