September 27, 2015


Before you decide to go for a diaper disposal system—the so-called diaper genie, or disposable diaper sacks—you need to get a complete picture of both. So, let's see… 


The diaper genie relies on the tried and tested power of baking soda to absorb that dreaded dirty diaper smell. It offers dual defense: each time you insert a diaper, a sprinkle of baking soda is dispensed onto the bag. The self-sealing lid then locks the bag and keeps it locked when you reopen, preventing that familiar burst of foul air emitted by other pails. The disposable refill bags hold up to 30 diapers and snap shut for easy tossing without letting odors escape, while the side door allows for quick and convenient removal. 


With the disposable diaper sacks, the idea is simple: keep one box of disposable diaper sacks in your car, on the diaper changing station, and in the bath room, and take one whenever you need it. These bags are infused with a natural baby powder scent which will lock in the odor and you will be able to fill each bag with four to eight newborn diapers, depending on the type of bag you choose. When the bag is full, just tie the bag with the handles or drawstring and then dispose of it in the bathroom or kitchen trash can. Handling dirty diapers becomes simple and you don't need to keep another trash can taking up more space to store used diapers, because used diapers will not be used again and they should go in the general garbage disposal anyway. Baby diaper sacks also work as litter pick up bags which you can use for any nursing trash—used wipes, diapers, food waste and any leftovers.


We'd like to introduce you to the Green ‘N Pack baby diaper sacks collection. We make diaper sacks tailored to all types of diapering and nursing habits. When the baby is newborn, our regular diaper sacks can accommodate up to five newborn soiled diapers, which means the bag will last you a whole day (ten hours or more) before you need to dispose of it in the regular trash can. When the baby becomes bigger, our regular bag can fit in maybe three medium sized soiled diapers, which will last you at least half a day. Some mommies even write to share with us that they prefer to use one bag for one diaper, because every time they also have baby wipes to dispose of and it'll be easier to tie the bag if the bag is not too full. Green ‘N Pack diaper sacks are so affordable—even if you use five bags a day, one box contains 200 bags and can last you a month and a half. Each bag will cost you less than five cents, equal to a quarter dollar per day for diaper disposal and organization. Compared to using a diaper genie and genie refill bags, there is a great saving when you opt for disposable diaper sacks. Here we have a total cost breakdown comparison. 


Diaper Pail Refill Bags. 30 bags. Capacity is 900 soiled diaper sacks: $20.89

+ Cost of Diaper Genie: $50 

(Extra cost: Diaper Genie Carbon Filters)


Green ‘N Pack Disposable Diaper Sacks. 200 count. Capacity is 1,000 soiled diaper sacks: $11.99


Compared to using a diaper genie and genie refill bags, there is a great saving when you opt for disposable diaper sacks. 



After we calculated this cost comparison, we further organized a focus group of ten in California to engage five mommy-to-bes and five mommies of babies aged between one and three years. The mommy-to-bes were interested in getting answers and useful information to make a decision soon, while the mommies either used to use a genie, were still using a genie, or had already converted from using a genie to using disposable diaper sacks. They were more than happy to share the pros and cons of both. Here, we'd like to share with you the comments from these mommies. 


''I didn’t like the idea of using those individual plastic bags for diaper disposal (diaper genie, etc.) due to the plastic waste. It didn’t make any sense while using biodegradable diapers. However, I was not happy with the smell coming out of the diaper pail. I started using these diaper sacks for every soiled diaper before tossing it into the diaper pail. It made a huge difference. No more bad smells! A great way to have a smell free nursery while being environmentally conscious.''


''I tried many bags before finding these. I'm looking at you, Sassy Stick-Together Sacks and Munchkin Money Bags. These are so much easier to get out than the Sassy Sacks. They are on a roll and perforated for easy access. They aren't overpriced like most of the Munchkin rolls. It's just fabulous.''


''These are great lil' sacks for dirty diapers. I use them to contain the odor before dropping them in the diaper pail. They tie easily and do their job.''


''We do not have a diaper pail and just use the sacks in the nursery—they are perfect. We will use a single sack for five or so dirty diapers before throwing away. Also, sacks are great for on the go!''


Here, we concluded—whatever you use, we'd like to see you find the best fit for your diaper changing. And happy nursing! 





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September 27, 2015

September 27, 2015