October 16, 2015

Why preparing your own baby travel snacks is important

By preparing your own snacks for your baby ahead of time, you can be sure that the foods he will be eating when you’re ‘on the go’ will be healthy. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the situation where you have to give him a pre-packaged – possibly unsuitable – snack, because there are no healthy alternatives available. And if you’re setting off on a long road trip with your baby, there may simply be nowhere to get your baby a snack when he needs one!

Please note:

It’s important to watch your baby at all times when he’s snacking – particularly in the car. Unless there is an adult passenger available to sit beside your baby when he eats, DON’T allow him to eat in a moving car. It may add a little extra time to your journey, but pulling over for a snack is the safest option for your baby by far!

Baby travel snacks – top tips
  • ALWAYS carry wet wipes or a damp washcloth in a sandwich bag for quick and easy clean up.

  • Bring along an empty plastic bag for leftover foods and other messy items.

  • Prepare foods that your baby is familiar with – it’s no fun discovering that he doesn’t like your homemade teething crackers when you’re miles from the nearest store or service station!

  • Make foods look fun and appealing if your baby is old enough to appreciate your efforts! Some foods – like cheese – can be easily cut into different shapes (learn more about giving cheese to your baby). Mix brightly coloured foods with contrasting colours – pieces of yellow cheese withred bell pepper strips, for example.

  • Keep all of your baby’s travel snacks in a good cooler with ice packs, to ensure that they remain safe for him to eat (the Prince Lionheart Hot and Cold Gel Pak (advertisement) are perfect for this).

  • Bring Disposable Bibs (advertisement) or a wipe clean, plastic bib (the Crumb Catcher(advertisement) type is great when you’re outside the home. You can see a few more of our favourite bibs here).

  • Avoid very messy, crumbly foods, unless you’re going to be feeding your baby out in the open (in a park, for example), where dropped crumbs won’t be an issue!​

Best baby travel snacks

Here are a few ideas for simple but healthy travel snacks for your baby. We’d love to hear your ideas, too, so please contact us with your suggestions…

  • Cubes of naturally sweet baked apple dusted with cinnamon (try Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji or Pink Lady)

  • tofu cubes

  • homemade bread sticks

  • squares of previously toasted wholegrain bread

  • fingers of cheese

  • rice cakes

  • blueberries

  • dry, wholegrain cereal, such as Cheerios

  • cooked pasta (tri-colour pasta is often a hit because it looks so appealing)

  • sliced, fresh fruit that your baby is already enjoying (although these can be messy!)

  • cubes of cooked sweet potato or butternut squash

  • blanched veggies, such as snow peas, sugar-snap peas/mange tout, asparagus, green beans orbroccoli

  • well cooked black beans – ideal for when baby’s pincer grip is well developed, black beans are highly nutritious

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